Maximum WordPress Security

WordPress Maximum Security

Enterprise Level security for your corporate site, top-1000 blog, news website, ecommerce store, controversial blog, and everyone who wants maximum security for their WordPress site.

The most vigilant WordPress security service available:

  • Extensive consultation to determine best custom security for your goals.
  • Multiple layers of perimeter protection to keep intruders out.
  • Security upgrades customized for your site's needs and parameters.
  • Multiple intrusion detection systems signal when hackers try to break in.
  • Custom modifications to optimize performance and and reduce pageload times.
  • 12 months of weekly, daily or hourly* off-site backups.
  • 24-hour emergency phone support (within USA & Canada).
  • All WordPress Defense and Advanced WordPress Protection services.

Maximum WordPress Security

  Starts at $2,497 US

*Hourly off-site backups are additional.