Use Safe WordPress Themes

What is a safe WordPress theme?
The answer is simple. A safe WordPress theme is a template with clean code.Use Safe WordPress Themes

What is clean code?
Clean code means the template does not contain harmful or malicious coding (security holes) placed there by the author or a hacker. Hidden or missing code can wreak havoc on your WordPress site, and when a hacker gets in... you're in big trouble.

Malicious coding typically occurs in free themes.
Most free themes are okay, but many of them are bugged. We know of a WordPress theme site where you can pick up scores of premium themes for free. The only catch is... they have all been tampered with!  Unless you're very familiar with HTML and PHP coding, it will be too late by the time you find out something is wrong.

You must be careful where you get themes.
Here's some guidance:

  • Purchase a premium theme from a reputable company like: Woothemes, Elegant Themes or StudioPress to name a few.
  • A good company offers support with their themes. You can test their support by asking questions before you buy. If it takes longer than two business days for a reply, you should probably find another company.
  • You can find inexpensive premium themes on Themeforest however; support for the themes is hit or miss, and the individual theme forums are not searchable.
  • If purchasing a theme isn't in your budget, try the free themes directory on The quality of the themes varies widely and you'll have search the forums for support, but the themes are free.

Your WordPress website is an investment of your time and money, be proactive in safeguarding it.  Contact the WordPress Security Pros if you'd like more sources of safe WordPress themes and plugins.