Safe WordPress Plugins

Plugins make the lives of WordPress users so much easier, but they can bring great frustration if you aren't careful.

WordPress updates their software as bug fixes and security issues arise however; many plugin developers aren't so quick on the draw. After months of searching you may find the ideal plugin for your site. You get it installed and configured, only to find that your site now loads like molasses in a snowstorm... or your traffic soon drops off dramatically.

Most plugin developers are reputable however, not all plugins are coded with integrity.  We tell our clients to NEVER install a plugin unless it's listed on and even then you should be careful.

Keep in mind that while WordPress is fairly simple to operate, it's a very complex application. Adding a single plugin can cause any number of site functions to stop working due to a bad interaction with another plugin.

We've also seen several instances where two or more plugins interact to create a tremendous security hole. This is particularly true of admin plugins. We recommend you keep them to an absolute minimum, or ask some WordPress professionals for help.