Sign-Up Process

It's easy...
Just get in touch, ask as many questions as you like, choose your level of security... and we'll make your WordPress site tighter than a clam's hind parts.
Then sit back and relax...

Knowing that your site is safe and secure... because nothing perks us up like the thought of tearing WordPress hackers into small bits and feeding the pieces to a pack of starving coyotes.

There may be laws against that kind of stuff in your state. So just call us and we'll take care of your site.

Can't I stop those hackers myself?

Most sites we repair have some type of home-brewed security, typically a common security plugin or two.

There is simply no magic bullet to keep hackers from damaging your site. We will implement multiple layers of security as part of your customized protection strategy.

Call us right away to protect your site.