Fix Hacked WordPress Sites

"Oh no! What happened to my website?"

If your WordPress site has been hacked, don't panic...Fix Hacked WordPress Site

We can help, but you need to act quickly. Just like house thieves, the hackers will come back. Most WordPress hackers leave hidden "backdoors" so that when they return... they can just walk right in.

We'll clean and repair your site, then install WordPress security to protect against future attacks. Here's a partial list of repairs:

  • Your site's files and theme are inspected for hidden back doors.
  • Harmful files and code are deleted.
  • Your database is cleaned and restored
  • In some cases we re-create your site on a new database.
  • All salvageable content is reloaded.
  • Improved plugins and new WordPress theme installed, if necessary.
  • Install Advanced WordPress Protection or WordPress Maximum Security.

Fixing a hacked WordPress site is custom work.

Each site must be evaluated based on the damage done. 
Get in touch now, before it gets worse.  Repairs start at $1,250 and include Advanced WordPress Protection.